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About Us

Our Staff: 

Joe Nowicki (Not The New Guy)

Joe handles all the freight loading from Illinois and Wisconsin shipping out to the 11 Western states.  If he is not around then ask for his assistant. Kellie Hall (6 years) and she will be happy to help.

Morrie Ezkov (22 years)

Morrie handles all the freight loading in the states of Washington and Oregon shipping back into the Midwest.  If he is not to be found, then ask for his assistant, Tim Stare (The New Guy), and he will be happy to help.   

Kris Bailey (14 years)

Kris handles all our loads coming out of Idaho, Montana and Utah and heading back into the Midwest.   If she is not available, her assistant, Sadie Plotsky(3 years) will be happy to help you.

Terry Keister (18 years)

Terry,  "The best looking man in transportation", is the operations manager of our asset based carrier, Cool Runnings Logistics.  Click on the "Cool Runnings Logistics" tab to get in touch with him.  

Doug Wright (10 years)

Doug handles our California, Arizona, Florida and Texas shipments while working remotely in Chicago, IL.  If he is not available, Tim Stare (The New Guy), will be happy to assist you.

Rita Mantooth (18 years), Veronica Seleski (14 years), Valerie McDaniel (3 years), andTodd Kearney (2 years)

The people of the Cool Runnings Accounting Department.

Valerie McDaniel (3 years)

Valerie handles all of the freight loading in Illinois and Wisconsin that delivers regionally, South, Southeast, East and Northeast.

Fred Plotsky (Since the beginning – 28 years)

Just trying to look busy so they keep me around.